Pinterest en Keramiek voor buiten

Pinterest en Keramiek voor buiten
8 december 2013 Keramiek voor Buiten
pinterest keramiek voor buiten

Pinterest and Keramiek voor buiten.

This item is written in English, because most of its content is dedicated to the followers of Keramiek voor buiten on Pinterest.

I went to Paris in November 2013 to visit the Salon Funeraire 2013. I worked for 3 days there and afterwards had the change to visit the city for one day. In this news-item you find pictures of my visit to the Cemetery of Pere Lachaise. And I add two pics of the Funeral Carriers I made at the Salon. That’s for the followers of by Hearses and.

For my followers of the boards Statues, Begraafplaatsen enzo, Bloemen, Kransen, Kruizen etc. more pics will follow. This is all I have for you right now.

Thank you very much for pinning and Enjoy!

Pere Lachaise Cemetery Paris november 2013

Pere Lachaise Cemetery Paris november 2013

I had very little time. Although I was early there were already plenty of tourists (just like me) strolling around.

Monumental Memorials on Pere Lachaise november 2013

Pere Lachaise is like a village, it is enormous and everywhere you look, you can see the most beautiful statues and tombs.

Monumental Memorials on Pere Lachaise november 2013

Next time I visit Paris I will make more time to visit, so I will be able to tell more about all the famous (and less famous) people that are remembered here.

Monument for the fallen soldiers at Pere lachaise Paris november 2013

I remember that the above shown picture is a part of a memorial for the soldiers that gave their lifes, but I cannot remember the war the would have fought in. There were lots of memorials.

Monumentale grafmonumenten op begraafplaats Pere Lachaise november 2013

Someway I made more pictures of statues of women, than of the men. Don’t have a clue why?!

Monumental Memorials on Pere Lachaise november 2013

Monumental Memorials on Pere Lachaise november 2013

Monumental Memorials on Pere Lachaise november 2013

Begraafplaats Pere Lachaise november 2013

The above shown picture reminded me of one we have in Holland (the Netherlands). In the city of Roermond there were a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband. In the older days they were not allowed to be buried on the same Cemetery. There hands are still joined however as both the Cemetery of the Catholics and Protestants were situated next to each other. The couple was buried next to the wall, the gravemarker reaches over the wall where the hands of the couple meet.

There is something stronger than death.

(Above) Inscription on the back of a gravemarker Implicating: There is something that is stronger than death. That is the remembrance of the absent living in the memory of the living (Sorry for my poor translation).

Majolica cross decorated with ceramic flowers on a mossed grave stone Pere Lachaise november 2013

Keramiek for buiten sells the Famous French Ceramic Flowers in the Netherlands. One of the best features of this product is that it is resistant to frost. In the Netherlands however the product is not yet known very commonly. New customers are resistant to pay a fairly high price for this product as they are not sure it will last through winter. At Pere Lachaise I found more evidence that the majolica flowers can stay outside for decades. They remain beautiful.

Majolica heart decorated with ceramic flowers at Pere Lachaise Paris november 2013

The climate in Paris (Northern France) is the same as in the Netherlands.

Majolica wreath decorated with majolica pansies Cemetery Pere Lachaise Paris november 2013

I showed the above shown picture to some of the workers in the factory. They thought it were real pansies.

That is all for now as it is for Pere Lachaise. I will publish more in due time. But for my followers of the Pinterest board Hearses and….I hav e 2 pictures. Sorry not to have more but making pictures during the Salon is not (yet) done. (Although I saw an American lad walking with his phone while skyping with a collegue and saw some other person sneekingly (is that a word) taking a picture at our stand).

Here they come (and you can tell me the name of the car):

Hearse Begrafeniswagen op de Salon Funeraire in parijs 2013

And these were our neighbours for 3 days:

hearses and funeral carriers at Salon Funeraire Paris 2013

If you want more information on the French Ceramic Flowers, please don’t hesistate to contact Keramiek voor buiten ( You find a link to the email on the website page Contact.

Wish you happy pinning!

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